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AMVisor – Tools for success

AMVisor is the world’s leading account management tool for optimizing your international Amazon business.

AMVisor is the first and foremost tool for the efficient management of your Amazon Vendor account through its unique Analytics Center where the focus is clearly placed on optimizing your sales process. After all, what good are your highly refined marketing concepts if your product is not available on Amazon? Or if someone else is occupying the buy box, or the presented quality of your content is not accurate?

The cloud-based management tool for Amazon provides the sound database you need to make informed decisions and is perfect for preparing you for the annual meeting with Amazon. AMVisor supports you in all operative tasks and can save you an enormous amount of time through the intelligent preparation of internal and external data. By the continuous application of the Analytics Central from AMVisor, users of ARA Basic and ARA Premium will see their sales significantly increase.

approx. 500 brands

3,145 users

approx. 400,000 items

26% sales growth

One tool – all functions included

  • Daily revenue reporting

    AMVisor collects daily the sales generated by Amazon in Vendor Central and graphs them. As a result, the vendor is not forced to check revenue reporting on Amazon every day.

  • Margin calculation

    The margin-analyzer calculates Amazon’s margin on your products and represent them graphically. The graphs represent a cross-product basis as well as a monthly overview and an overview of each product.

  • Monitoring new listings

    The overview “New product listings” on AMVisor AnalyticsCentral displays every important information of the new listings on first glance. Is the product visible online? Has an initial order been made? Did Amazon change the status to “automatically reorder”?

  • Summary of Plus & Prime products

    AMVisor shows you clearly in the Dashboard all your items that are currently sold by Amazon to Prime customers only or carry the status “Plus Product”. In the same way important key data for the accurate placement.

  • Assessment of the return rate

    The overview of your return rates for every product shows you how often customer return your products. With the help of historical charts you will be able to comprehend changes in behavior of customers. At the “Overall returns” overview you can identify the return rate of all of your products.

  • Price comparison with other portals

    AMVisor scans the world wide web to find your products and saves the purchasing prices. You can find the complete overview in a summary with a colored signal light display.

  • First Mover Detection

    With “First Mover Detection” of the AMVisor AnalyticsCentral you identify those distributors who started the price decline with the help of a graphical analysis. You can react accordingly and launch necessary countermeasures.

  • Content-Check

    AMVisor shows you changes of product title, bullet points and item description.

  • Reviews management

    AnalyticsCentral gives you all of the relevant facts while observing reviews whether a product has too many bad customer ratings. Due to that you are able to gather information quickly and analyze if there might be a serial defect.

  • Checking stocks

    The sector “delivery problems” on AnalyticsCentral lists all your products on a daily basis that lead to a shortage or where a shortage is expected. Therefore you can react on short notice and interfere in the process of ordering and delivering manually to avoid a revenue shortfall.

  • Monitoring of external purchases

    The sector “delivery problems” shows among others those products that Amazon has in stock but does not buy from you. The European version of the AnalyticsCentrals offers the automated cross-check which indicates from which European countries Amazon gets its goods.

  • Competitive considerations

    AMVisor shows you at a glance which product is bought often by customers after having looked at your items. In order to get only relevant results, solely those competitive products are included whose ranking is better than those of your product.

  • Trendmonitor for best and worst sellers

    With AnalyticsCentrals’ trend monitor, you get informed soon if a product in your portfolio develops much better than thought. Therefore you are able to keep an eye on your products of second choice.

  • History and forecasts

    You recognize trends and seasonal fluctuation quickly. Due to that you will have planning certainty for coming sales. The 6-month forecast of the AMVisor AnalyticsCentral calculates the monthly requirement of your items based on the Amazon demand forecast. And for 6 months in advance.

  • Monitoring of buybox rate

    AnalyticsCentrals shows you historical Buy-Box processes and current cases where you lost the Buy-Box. Due to that you are able to recognize quickly where an urgent need for action is.

  • Overview of delisted items

    AMVisor shows you at a glance all items where Amazon has “left“ the Buybox.

Illustration - AMVisor - The Analytics Central

Our warranties – your added values

Practice oriented

Take advantage of the experiences of our Amazon experts and simplify your daily work.

Reduce time and effort

Save valuable time in your daily work with Amazon in order to improve your online business.

No expensive extras

Take advantage of the community because contract customers always have the full functionality of the monitoring tool at their disposal.

All KPIs at a glance

From the dashboard you can take all important key figures and urgent action fields.

Sales increase

Boost the full potential by bearing all the set screws in mind.

Reduced costs

You detect errors faster and minimise success-critical decisions.

Higher performance

You identify weak points in the supply chains and optimise them.


You observe, analyse and optimise your data independent from Amazon.

More success

Make better decisions based on a wider database.

The AMVisor story

For some years now, an unprecedented explosion of data has been taking place, changing the world around us. Online shopping, cloud services, mobile communications – it has never been more important to use data to make smarter decisions.

Our passion for sales processes helps us to focus on unlocking the potential of online commerce data. Our know-how supports you to make your Amazon business more successful.

Our fields of action result from the requirements of manufacturers for consumer goods to grow successfully on Amazon. We work on data-centric solutions by aggregating, comparing, enriching data and demonstrating ways to increase online performance.

As expected from a leader in the industry, we are constantly evolving the database. Our permanent search for innovative solutions means for our customers to stay one step ahead of the competition.