TP Vision intensiviert
Zusammenarbeit mit Amazon

TP Vision is a consumer electronics key player in TV and audio entertainment. TP Vision concentrates on developing, manufacturing and marketing Philips-branded TV sets and Philips-branded audio products under trademark license combining the strong Philips brand with own product development and design expertise, operational excellence, and industry footprint of TPV.

Through its partnership with AMVisor, TP Vison is improving their cooperation with Amazon becoming a better sparring partner.

At a glance

Revenue growth achieved by year-end

Core BuyBox rate for TVs in France in April 2024


Visibility rate improved from 75% by March 2024

Jan Karssen
International Sales Manager E-Commerce | TP Vision

„With AMVisor, we are improving our cooperation with Amazon because due to the improved visibility of data, we are becoming a better sparring partner and adding more value!“


data sources

Fragmented information from various sources, each interpreting data differently, made it difficult to consolidate data into a coherent view and hindered the ability to make informed decisions.

Seeing the
full picture

The lack of consistency in data formats and interpretations hindered the ability to grasp the full picture, making it challenging to strategize effectively and comprehend overall performance.

Need for a
comprehensive tool

A complete data view was essential for improving decision-making, monitoring performance, presenting data to stakeholders, and driving continuous improvement.



centralized Amazon account
streamline operations with 1 tool
country-specific customization

Tailored Support

By mapping requirements and providing comprehensive training and ongoing support, TP Vision swiftly integrated AMVisor into their daily operations.

By mapping requirements and providing comprehensive training and ongoing support, TP Vision swiftly integrated AMVisor into their daily operations.

Smooth Integration

A seamless transition,
dedicated time to grasp
our needs & capabilities.

Global visibility

Comprehensive EU overviews & standardized account views made critical data readily accessible for strategic decision-making.

Only with AMVisor

multiple markets

Global insights and analytics facilitated by AMVisor Global Dashboards enable the expansion into new markets while ensuring optimal and centralized resource allocation. This fosters further growth and empowers precise and adaptable navigation of diverse markets.

All in
one place

Consolidating information into a single data source streamlines analytical processes, reducing time and effort for analysis. This eliminates the need to gather data from multiple sources, leading to faster insights and decision-making. With unified data access, teams can uncover trends and opportunities easily.

reporting metrics

Enhanced reporting metrics provide clear communication and informed decision-making. Leveraging robust insights and familiar datasets, TPVision stakeholders receive timely and accurate information, empowering them to drive project success through informed decisions.


Streamlined success: Enhanced efficiency and rapid adaptation

  • Transitioned from a market approach to a fully centralized managed account structure during implementation.

  • Clear data enabled relevant stakeholders to make quick business decisions, saving time and resources.

  • Used a single aggregated data source, saving time in analysis, simplifying conclusions, and enhancing business management.

  • The well-managed process and tool’s user-friendliness facilitated quick adaptation.

  • The tool’s intuitive design provided structured benefits, making it easy for different teams to utilize effectively.

  • Increased satisfaction as the team quickly embraced and benefited from the tool’s capabilities.